Elisabeth Maria Schoenegger

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about highlight at work my style still-lifes figures & landscapes

1987 – 1989: Master student painting at the Academy of Fine  Arts Vienna                in the master class of painting professor Wolfgang Hollegha

         1988: Guest student at the academy of Applied Arts Vienna with                professor Maria Lassnig + in memorial +

1986 – 1990: took classes with academic painter Friedrich Plahl  

The primarily focus in my work is to capture nature as eyes are going to recognize and see it. During the process of painting however an emotional binding to the regarded object occurs which is considered to be an important condition in that creative process. The act of painting itself is then guided by intuition and the power of  imagination to make the regarded object appear abstract and at the same time to lift it to the next level. The emotional touch during the object observation and the transitioning of those feelings with the means of color and brush onto the screen is the driving force in creating a paint.

In other words it would not only allow to bring own experiences, feelings and certain stages in our life onto the screen but also continuously further develop the creative act of painting.

The own interpretation of what was seen in combination of experienced emotions brings the final paint. During this whole process which is mainly based on still-lifes, landscapes and figures, abstract emotion paintings come into existence.

Main characteristics of my paintings are in a nutshell the intriguing intensity combined with the influence of light and shadow culminating in an expressive color intensive ductus.